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About Katrina


My about us statement is actually about me.


The Start I started my journey in cooking at the tender age of 8 years old with the infamous "Breakfast"...yes I know it was only breakfast but mine was the best. I would help my dad Nathaniel Shaw as we would cook for thanksgiving and other holidays. By the age of 9 my mom Martha Shaw would allow me to cook an entire meal by myself with no help at all.


The Journey continued in middle school where my love for baking grew. At school there was baking contest but no one would enter it, so my teacher gave an incentive. Anyone who enters the baking contest would get an entire letter grade increase. I thought to myself "I already have a B in this class, I might as well get an A". I really wasn't trying to win the contest, I just wanted the grade so I made some simple chocolate chip cookies. The day of the contest the teacher came to me and asked me if I had bought the cookies from a store. I said "No I made these myself!" The teacher said she will have to look into this because they taste like they were from a professional bakery. After her "research" she accepted the fact that I really did make the cookies myself. Needless to say I won the contest in a landslide. I got my A and won a cash prize. I couldn't help but think to myself, what if I had really tried to bake something grand... 


From Good to Grand: In my young adult years I had a friend who was a gourmet chef, we would always talk about cooking. One day I was over her house and she was showing me how to season food. After she was done she asked me to taste it. I did and I told her "Wow that taste delicious!" She then said I know its good but do you taste all of the seasoning? I said "What do you mean?" She said when you are cooking you must always think about what ingredients you are using and try to taste each individual ingredient. I thought "how can anyone do that?" To my surprise I DID IT and I use those same lessons to this day.


My Family I grew with the best cooks in the world....My Family! My Aunt Lula always made this yellow cake with chocolate frosting that was so good, problem was we could only get it when we visited her in West Palm Beach, Florida. See I am from Orlando, FL so we didn't visit West Palm regularly. I tried and tired but I could never follow her recipes because her measurements were not exact, at least not to me. Finally, after countless hours and much practice I was able to make the delicious cake through trial and error only using my taste alone.....AND I GOT IT!!!! That recipe is featured in my "Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake" to this day.

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