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Brest Cancer Pink Velvet Cupcakes






Order your Pink velvet cupcakes today in honor of Brest Cancer awareness month.

Baking Ingredients



You can take a few preparatory steps to ensure a great product.

I recommend that you bring all ingredients to room temperature before mixing anything. Room temperature ingredients combine easier than those of varying temperatures, minimizing

lumps and graininess.

About Katrina "Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts"

Hi, I'm Katrina and I want to welcome you to Katrina's Kreations, my dessert boutique. I have a passion for baking and I know that life can often be very stressful. What better way to wind down from a busy day then to slice into a scrumptious cake or bite into a delectable cupcake? After all Stressed spelled backwards is desserts. Browse around and enjoy the delicious options on my site. Don't Wait Order Today!

My about us statement is actually about me.


The Start I started my journey in cooking at the tender age of 8 years old with the infamous "Breakfast"...yes I know it was only breakfast but mine was the the best. I would help my dad Nathaniel Shaw as we would cook for thanksgiving and other holidays. By the age of 9 I was able to cook an entire meal by myself with no help at all.

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